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Will expose all money-bag policitians: Yeddyurappa

October 14, 2010
15:59 PM

The Congress in Karnataka has demanded that the Yeddyurappa government take another floor test after the high court delivers its verdict on the plea filed by the disqualified MLAs.

However, sources in the state government's legal team said that with the BJP maintaining a lead of over 5 now over the Opposition, the order pertaining to the 5 MLAs becomes inconsequential and that it would make no difference whether they vote or not.

"Let us not assume that the high court will give its verdict on Monday and moreover today's proceedings cannot be scrutinised by the judiciary since there is a clear bar on that. Let us assume that the high court does grant permission to the five Independents. There is no provision for them to cast a vote separately. There has to be another trust vote for that and it is unlikely that another one will be ordered," they said.

14:05 PM

Yeddyurappa, who just held a meeting with his cabinet colleagues in Bengaluru, has said that he will in a few days expose all the money-bag politicians.

"Many politicians with money have tried to destabilise my government and such persons will be exposed and action will be taken against them," he said.

"The time has come to work together towards the development of the state. There should be no in-fighting and we are all responsible for the development of the state and also answerable to the people. I will remain grateful to all my party members who have stood with me in times of this crisis and let us all work together," he added.
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After meeting Governor Bhardwaj to tell him that he now had the numbers to rule the state, an elated Yeddyurappa headed straight to his residence where he is meeting senior colleagues in his cabinet.

When he won the last trust vote, he had decided to reshuffle his cabinet but had to keep it on hold as he had been asked to take another trust vote.

A reshuffle is on the cards in the next two days, BJP leaders told

12:39 PM

Yeddyurappa will now meet Governor Bhardwaj and inform him about his victory on the floor of the House.

The CM, before leaving for Raj Bhavan, told media persons that today history had been created as not once before in the country has anyone had to face a trust vote twice in three days when the Constitution clearly states that there shall be a gap of six months between trust votes.

Meanwhile, the BJP has decided to suspend MLA Manappa Vajjal, who abstained from the proceedings today despite being issued a whip on two occasions.

The party will now lodge a complaint with the Speaker and seek action against the MLA.

12:23 PM

An upset Congress has decided to knock on the doors of the high court and challenge the decision of the Speaker, who they feel selectively disqualified BJP's rebel MLAs.

Speaking to media persons, senior Congress leader D K Sivakumar said that when BJP rebels handed over the letter to the Governor withdrawing support to the government, there were 14 members who had signed on it.

However, the BJP complained only against 11; and they were disqualified.

"Why were three other members omitted? This will be challenged before the court," he said.

'We must forget this as bad dream': Yeddyurappa
12:19 PM
An elated Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa said today's victory was a victory of democracy and also the people of Karnataka.

He said there was no need for him to prove his majority yet again for another six months, as the law does not permit it.

"It is now time to work for the people of the state. I humbly request the people of the state to forget about what happened two days back in the assembly, as it has pained me a lot. A lot of people tried to pull down the government, but have failed in their endeavour. We must forget about this like a bad dream and carry on with developmental works," he told media persons.

12:14 PM

Accusing the BJP of hatching a conspiracy, both the Congress and the JD-S leaders said that the trust vote today was unfair.

Immediately after the trust vote, leaders of both parties conducted a joint meeting to decide on what is to be done next.

Addressing the media outside the assembly, Congress leader Siddaramaiah and JD-S leader H D Revanna said that the BJP had ensured that some MLAs did not come to the House.

They said that this was, however, not the final and once the high court allows the 5 Independents to vote, the fate of the Yeddyurappa government will change.

11:55 AM

Senior BJP leader V S Acharya told that the government would be safe even if the high court permits the five Independents to cast their vote next week.

He reasoned that in a scenario when the numbers are tied, the Speaker can cast his vote.

Although the Speaker is not supposed to identify himself with any party, it is assumed that he will vote for the BJP and take their tally up to 107 in a House that today had 207 members following the absence of a JD-S MLA.

11:49 AM

In the trust vote, which was based on division of votes and followed by a head count, the Yeddyurappa government secured 106 votes.

The government required 104 to stay in power. The Opposition garnered only 100 votes.

All 105 BJP MLAs voted in favour of the government.

Yeddyurappa also had the support of an Independent MLA.

The vote outcome is subject to the final verdict by the high court on the writ petition filed by the 5 Independent MLAs.

If they are allowed to vote, then the House strength will go up to 212.

However, even if they vote against the government, the BJP government may still sail through, as the magic number required to stay on in power would be 106.
October 14, 2010

11:39 AM

Out of the total 207 MLAs, the Opposition managed to conjure up just 100 votes against the Yeddyurappa government.

K'taka govt wins trust vote for second time
11:37 AM

The Karnataka chief minister has held on to power for a second time.

He secured 106 votes in the House

11:35 AM

The head count of MLAs has concluded.

While taking the head count, the Speaker ordered all doors of the House be closed.

This was done as a precautionary measure, as he did not want anyone getting out or entering the House when the counting was in progress.

11:20 AM

Speaker Bopaiah has called for a head count of all the MLAs will be taken in the House.

The decision comes following the Opposition's demand that a division of votes be done ahead of the trust vote.

Earlier, Chief Minister Yeddyurappa proposed the trust motion, which was seconded by all his MLAs.

Meanwhile, in response to Opposition's plea to postpone the proceedings, the Speaker said, "Let us not assume that the high court will pass an order on Monday."

The speaker said a firm NO to postponing the proceedings.

The refusal led to pandemonium in the House with the JD-S leaders also seconding the Congress party's demand.

11:16 AM

As Speaker Bopaiah took his seat at the Karnataka assembly, Leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah put out a list of complaints against the manner in which the House was conducted the last time.

He read out the order passed by the high court on Wednesday, which said that Thursday's proceedings were subject to the final decision of the case.

"In view of this, the rights of the 16 MLAs who have been disqualified have been infringed by the proceedings being conducted today. They have been denied their rights. Since this is the situation now, is it fair to go ahead with the trust vote," the Congress leader asked.

"Please postpone it," he said, adding, "Let's wait for the court order"

11:03 AM

Trust vote proceedings have started in the Karnataka assembly.

All MLAs have taken their seat.

Chief Minister Yeddyurappa has taken his seat along with Law Minister Suresh Kumar while Opposition leader Siddaramaiah was seen talking to his colleagues ahead of the vote.

All MLAs have been specifically instructed to sign on the attendance register before entering into the House.

Opposition awaits trust vote

11:00 AM

The Congress has made up it mind. The party has decided to take part in the trust vote and will demand for a division of the votes.

The party leaders say that there is no problem and that all their MLAs are with them.

Meanwhile the Janata Dal-S MLAs have taken their seats in the House.

Chief Minister Yeddyurappa, who visited four temples before coming for the trust vote, is also on his seat at the moment. The trust vote will begin at 11 am.

10:46 AM

The Congress MLAs, who just reached the assembly, headed straight to the meeting hall instead of the floor of the House to hold another party meeting.

Although Congress Chief R V Deshpande had earlier told that all MLAs will take part, sources now say that the party is taking a decision on whether to boycott the House or not.

A letter to the Speaker seeking postponement of the trust vote was not considered and the Congress now feels that it should boycott the proceedings. The last-minute meeting comes in the wake of rumours that some of its MLAs have gone missing or may cross vote, sources pointed out.

10:41 AM

All BJP MLAs have just reached the assembly and have taken their respective seats.

The Congress and the JD-S reached a bit late following confusion that some Congress MLAs had gone missing.

10:40 AM

Senior Congress leader and Leader of the Opposition, Siddaramaiah will meet Speaker K G Bopaiah and hand over a letter requesting him to postpone the trust vote, which is scheduled to be held in the next half an hour.

Congress sources told that the letter states that the trust vote should not be held since the high court is yet to decide on the fate of the 16 disqualified MLAs.

The Congress states that the trust vote has no meaning when the matter is pending before the court and a finality of the fate of the government will be known only when the high court takes a final decision on October 18.

Trust vote is semi-final

10:33 AM

The Congress legislature party meeting, which just concluded, has decided that all its 73 MLAs will vote against the government today and that not a single MLA will boycott the proceedings today.

D K Shivakumar, senior Congress leader, told media persons after the meeting that the party is unanimous in its decision and he is confident that the BJP will lose the trust vote.

He also said that he is sure that the verdict of the high court on October 18 will go in favour of the 5 Independent MLAs and that they will come and vote against the government.

Today's trust vote is just a semi final and the finals is only when the high court gives its verdict, he said.

09:34 AM

Karnataka BJP President K S Eshwarappa has come down heavily on Governor H R Bhardwaj, stating that the latter seems to have lost his mind.

Speaking to media persons in Bengaluru ahead of the crucial trust vote his party faces today, Eshwarappa said that the Governor's decision to direct a second trust vote in less than four days cannot be understood.

"The Opposition leaders too have failed to understand his logic and I don't know in what language we need to speak to him to make him understand that the BJP has the majority. We are confident of winning the trust vote today," he said, just before leaving to meet Yeddyurappa.

09:22 AM

All MLAs, who will take part in today's trust vote, will reach the Karnataka legislative assembly only at 10.30 am.

The BJP MLAs, who have been camping at the Golden Palms resort near Bengaluru, have just left in four different buses.

Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa has already reached the city and is currently at his home office where he is expected to meet his MLAs before heading for the assembly.

The Congress and the JD-S too have left their respective resorts and will reach the assembly after holding meetings separately.

Security around the assembly is tight and MLAs have been told to come together in specially arranged buses and not in their independent vehicles. None of the MLAs will be allowed to enter the house before 10.30 am.

09:12 AM

Dr V S Acharya, senior cabinet minister in the BJP government, told, "We are confident of getting more than 107 votes today. I can't reveal who will vote in our favour now. But the government will sail through comfortably."

"Even if the high court permits the five disqualified Independent MLAs to vote after its verdict, the government will still be safe," he added.

If the court permits the 5 Independents to cast their vote after next Monday's verdict, the House strength will go up to 213 and the magic number needed will be 107.

Yeddyruappa faces second trust vote

09:01 AM

Facing his second trust vote in four days, Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa has said that all his MLAs will not cross vote today.

Ahead of the trust vote at 11 am, he said the nasty game played by the Opposition will not succeed and his government will win the vote comfortably.

"I have no doubt about my victory today."

The CM also apologised to the people of the state for the ongoing drama and said that progressive work will commence immediately after today's trust vote.

08:43 AM

With the 16 MLAs being kept out of the trust vote after being disqualified by the Speaker, the strength of the Karnataka legislative assembly will be 208 today.

Following the reduced numbers, the magic number required for the BJP to win the trust vote is 105.

The BJP has 105 MLAs on its side.

In addition to this the party has managed to garner the support of Varthur Prakash, an Independent candidate who had just five days back supported the Opposition.

With Prakash backing the BJP the strength of the party has gone up to 106. The Opposition, on the other hand, has 101 MLAs (Congress 73 and JD-S) 28.

Even if the BJP wins the trust vote today the decision will not be a final one since the high court on Wednesday had said that the result would be subject to the final decision of the court in the writ petition that it will hear on Monday.

Five Independent MLAs had sought a direction to strike down the speakers order disqualifying them from the house. If the court orders against the verdict of the Speaker then these five MLAs will be allowed to cast their vote separately after the decision of the court.
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Facing his second trust vote in four days, Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa has said that all his MLAs will not cross vote today.

Ahead of the trust vote at 11 am, he said the nasty game played by the Opposition will not succeed and his government will win the vote comfortably.

"I have no doubt about my victory today."

The CM also apologised to the people of the state for the ongoing drama and said that progressive work will commence immediately after today's trust vote.

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