Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ISI hand in Blore blasts and Kalamaserry bus burning

The National Investigating Team has commenced interrogation of three persons in Bangalore with suspected ISI links. A team of the NIA which visited Bangalore sought the permission of the Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate to interrogate T Nasir, Abdul Jabbar and Sarfaraz Nawaz.

There is an interesting turn of events with this interrogation since the NIA finds that the Bangalore serial blasts and the horrific Kalamaserry bus burning case of 2005 are inter linked. It is the same faction which has undertaken both the incidents and the investigating team are finding a direct ISI link to both the incidents.

Both T Nasir and Nawaz were picked up in connection with the Bangalore serial blasts case. Their leaders and their factions are directly under the control of the ISI the investigators say. The bus burning incident took place in the year 2005 in protest against the arrest of Abdu Nasar Maudani. It has been found that Nasir was part of that incident and he had organized forces to carry out that incident. Maudani currently is housed in a Bangalore jail for his alleged role in the Bangalore serial blasts. The allegation against him is that he had met with Nasir during the planning stages of the Bangalore serial blasts.

Sources pointed out that investigations into this aspect would take a while more. They would interrogate Maudani’s wife, Sufiya Maudani too in this regard since she had been made one of the accused in the year 2005 following the bus burning incident.

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