Friday, July 23, 2010

Arjun Modhwadia: It is end game for Modi

The law has taken a major turn at Gujarat and it is probably for the first time that a Minister of State for Home (Amith Shah) is on the run avoiding a summons by the Central Bureau of Investigation in connection with the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case.

Arjun Modhwadia, the spokesperson of the Gujarat in Congress says that this is not the time to demand a resignation, but it is time for ensure that the man is arrested for such a heinous crime. Modhwadia in this interaction with says that law has taken its own course and this time around it is end game for Narendra Modi and never again will he win an election from Gujarat.

The law has taken its own course and this particular matter is seized off by the Supreme Court of India and is under investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation. The case was initially with the CID of Gujarat and the initial record submitted to. the Supreme Court it was established that the encounter was fake. They also had sworn on affidavit to the Supreme Court that Kausarbhi was missing. Based on these revealations the Supreme Court felt that it needed to know about the larger conspiracy in the case. What I am trying to point out here is that it was the CID of Gujarat which had pointed out these facts at a time when even the CBI was not involved, so it was pretty much clear what the entire case was all about. It was also proven that there was no role from anyother party in this case.

Today matters have taken an interesting turn. In the entire history of independent India it is the first and most peculiar case in which the custodian of the law and the judiciary, the Home Minister of a state is absconding from the law enforcing agencies and also the judiciary.

People keep asking me about the man’s resignation. I would like to say here that resignation is a very minor issue over here. It is expected off him to uphold the law. Resignation is not a big issue here, the fact that he is absconding is. What we are saying that this man is not fit to be free.

I find it shocking that no action has been taken by the government against him. I find it shocking to note that he still continues to be the Home Minister of Gujarat state.

The Bharatiya Janata Party has a lot to ponder over and also to answer in this case. I want to know why no one has acted and what is the majboori the BJP has got to act against him?

This case is not an ordinary one and it is a turning point for Narendra Modi. I would say that it is the last stroke for him and he would have realized that the violent tactics adopted by him have come to an end. The law has at last taken its course and mark my words, Modi or the BJP will never ever win an election after this in Gujarat.

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