Friday, October 22, 2010

Congress demands yet another trust vote!

The Congress in Karnataka has demanded that the B S Yeddyurappa government take another floor test following the verdict of the High Court. Congress leaders in Bangalore issued this statement in view of the High Court hearing the matter on October 18 where it will decide whether the 5 independent MLAs will be able to vote or not.

However sources in the Government’s legal team said that with the BJP maintaing a lead of over 5 now over the opposition the order pertaining to the 5 mlas becomes inconsequential and it would make no difference whether they vote or not. Let us not assume that the High Court will give its verdict on Monday and moreover todays proceedings cannot be scrutinized by the judiciary since there is a clear bar on that. Let us assume that the high court does grant permission to the five independents. There is no provision for them to cast a vote separately. There has to be another trust vote for that and it is unlikely that another one will be ordered.

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