Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mulit-layered security greets Obama in Delhi

The Delhi police are working overtime to ensure that the security is fool proof ahead of President Barack Obama’s visit to the Capital later this afternoon. Security is at an unprecedented high, a Delhi police official told rediff.com.

President of the US, Obama is expected to arrive in the capital at around 3.30 PM today, following which he has a host of programmes before he leaves the country on Tuesday. A team of the intelligence bureau along with their counterparts from the United States have have secured all the areas where the President would be staying. Mock drills around all the places which the President would visit, including the Parliament of India are being conducted and this exercise will continue till the last minute, sources said.

Delhi will also see scores of snipers all over to guard the President of the US. The security is multi layered and security forces comprising nearly 300 personnel from the US will form part of the first ring of the security. The other rings will comprise members of the Delhi Police, NSG Commandoes and other personnel numbering over 2000.

The Delhi police have advised the people not to venture out into areas where the President’s convoy will be moving. All these roads will be out of bounds for the public until the President’s convoy passes, Delhi police officials said. These roads have been santised and security drills will be undertake until the President’s convoy passes by these roads. However there will be no restrictions in the rest of Delhi and traffic movement will be normal.

The Air Force too has been pressed into service and will remain on stand by until Obama leaves the city. The Maurya Sheraton has been declared as a no flying zone. The Hotel personnel have been advised to stop the virtual tour services on their web site until the President leaves. The entire area will be out of bounds until the visit is over, Delhi police officials said.

In addition to this there is high security in the Old city area of Delhi. IB inputs had suggested disturbances from those parts of Delhi like was done just ahead of the Common Wealth Games. The IB and the Delhi police have been gathering inputs and collecting material from the old city and have said that if the need be preventive arrests and detention too would be undertaken. Prior to the visit, intelligence inputs were picked up which suggested that trouble could be caused by certain elements from the Old city.

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