Saturday, November 6, 2010

Meet MWD Khan, key member of Obama's security squad

Indian security agencies who have been working alongside their American counterparts say that they are mighty impressed with the specialist German Shepard Military Working Dog Khan. The German Shepard who is a key member of the Obama security ring has been in India since the past three days and is part of the anti sabotage team of the CIA.

One of the members who has been working with the security team from the US says that each one was quite impressed at the manner in which the dog carried out operations. The source further informs that while speaking with the American officials about the dog, they said that he is equal to one member of the CIA since that is his capability. He has accompanied President Barack Obama on each one of his visits since he took over as president and he is one of the most trusted members of the security wing.

He forms one of the main rings in Obamas security and has been trained for nearly two years in the US for anti sabotage activities. They try not to display him too much since he is a special member of the squad and he is an expert at countering surprise attacks. Apart from the sniffing around and sanitization activities, this German Shepard also specializes in attacks and counter attacks. He is capable of neutralizing three men at one go in case of any attack, the source also said.

Sporting a collar MWD Khan this dog has a passport for himself. Usually dogs who form part of the special team have to travel with papers but an exception was made in the case of Khan since he is holds an official rank. According to the American officials he is the best in the business and this is the reason he has been chosen to guard the President.

In India he has already visited Mumbai and Delhi twice. He carried out his job at all the places that the president would be visiting in both the cities. Today he forms part of the security ring and would follow the President on each of his visits.

However none of the members of the team during their interaction spoke about the controversy that surrounded his name and there is no information available as to why he has been named Khan, sources also pointed out.

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