Monday, November 15, 2010

7/11 accused appeals for re-probe by NIA

The 7/11 train bombings in Mumbai which had hit the common man has taken another twist with one of its accused quoting David Headley and seeking a re-probe by the National Investigation Agency. Ehtesham Qutubuddin Siddiqui one of the accused in the case says that there is a new dimension to the case ever since Headley revealed that this attack was planned in Karachi and had Pakistani players attached to it. Moreover since this case has a Headley association to it which is being probed by the NIA and hence the case needs to be re-examined Siddiqui says in a three page letter to the Home Minister.

The NIA says it is probing the Headley angle into this case and so far what they have found is that he was aware of the plot, but at the moment they do not see that he has played any major role in it when compared to 26/11. He has named the conspirators who incidentally happen to be similar to those who took part in the 26/11 attacks. It is an established fact that the 7/11 train bombings were the handiwork of the Lashkar and we will need to see what additional details come up in respect to the Headley angle. The fact that the names of the conspirators in the 7/11 chargesheet are different from the ones that have been mentioned by Headley is something that needs to be looked into.

The ATS chargesheet terms Azam Cheema as the chief conspirator in the 7/11 attack, but according to Headley takes the name of Muzzamil Bhat to be one of the Chief conspirators in the attack.

Although the trial has commenced, there is no bar in going ahead with the investigation into newer aspects of the case, but will need to wait for a go ahead from the Home Ministry on this, sources in the NIA added.

The ATS which has been probing the 7/11 case however adds that the claim by the accused that they are innocent is baseless. Let the courts decide and let them place their case before the judge who will take a final call on it. If there is a Headley angle which has cropped up then the NIA could probe it and this would only add strength to the existing case.

Letter by Siddiqui:

I am an innocent person, falsely implicated in 11th July 2006 Mumbai Train Blast case All the evidences were falsely fabricated by investigation team lead by ATS chief Krish Pal Raghuvanshi and the evidence of our innocence were destroyed or hide by investigation agency.Currently, the trial of 7/11 blast case is started before MCOCA Special Court in Mumbai. This is the injustice with me and my co-accused that we are put on the trial of 7/11 blast case on false and fabricated evidences.

Recently in June 2010, National Investigation Agency interrogated David Colemen Headley, arrested by American Agency in Chicago, in respect of 26/11 attack. In the said interrogation David Colemen Headley revealed that the plan of 7/11 blast was made in Karachi, Paskistan and he also mentioned the name of the conspirators. The name of conspirators according to David Headley are different to the name mentioned in the charge sheet of 7/11 blast case filed y Anti-Terrorism Squad Mumbai.

That the charge sheet contained many loopholes and if any one perused the charge sheet, easily understood that the story of the Anti-Terrorism Squad is false, fabricated and the all arrested accused are innocent.

Hence it is kindly requested that please direct the National Investigation Agency (NIA) U/S 6(3) of National Investigation Agency Act 2008 for thorough investigation of 7/11 blast case.

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