Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yeddyurappa gets some reprive

There was some reprieve for B S Yeddyurappa government in Karnataka with two MLAs who were part of the rebel camp meeting the governor and withdrawing their letter of dissidence which was submitted earlier in the morning.

The two MLAs, Dodappa Patil Gowda and R V Harish who met with the Governor said that their signatures had been forged and they had never quit.

Meanwhile Shriramulu, cabinet minister who has gone to meet the rebels in Chennai had offered to resign. He says that he is ready to step down and make room for the rebels in the cabinet if it means saving the government.

Meanwhile Janardhan Reddy has also left for Chennai to speak with the rebels who are camping there since yesterday. A final decision in this regard is expected late today in the evening.

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