Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Will BJP's 'operation Lotus part 2' be successful?

Taking strong exception to the alleged operation Lotus part two by the BJP around 58 Congress MLA's have begun a protest before the Chief Ministers residence. The Congress MLA's led by Siddaramaiah have alleged that the BJP is trying to take into their fold MLA's from the Congress.

It was alleged that the BJP has managed to take into their fold one ongress MLA's and three more are likely to join them tomorrow. The Congress has demanded that this be put to am end and the BJP was resorting to illegal practises to save their government. The BJP has however denied all these allegations. When the BJP had first come to power in the state it took into its fold nearly 10 MLA's from other parties and termed the operation as operation lotus.

The BJP will now watch with bated breath the hearing in the high court tomorrow which will decide the fate of the 11 rebel BJP MLA's.

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