Friday, October 22, 2010

Telgi about to open pandora's box

Abdul Karim Telgi, the kingpin in the multi crore fake stamp paper case will reveal the names of 40 politicians both from Karnataka and Maharashtra in a confessional statement before the court, his lawyer informed at a press briefing in Bangalore a while ago. His advocate said that this confessional statement revealing all the top names will be made in the next 15 days.

His advocate Vidhyadhar Koshe further informed that Telgi would also name the relatives of the politicians, police officials and also a couple of builders who were involved in the scam and had helped him further his business in the country. His lawyer also said that the politicians who would be named would include Union Ministers, ministers both in the Karnataka and Maharashtra government apart from other MLAs.

Telgi feels that this is his last and final chance to bring to the fore all those powerful names and the time was right to do so since all the 48 cases pending against him are on the verge of disposal, he also added.

A Pune court had permitted Telgi to confess before the Magistrate. Since Telgi is housed in a Bangalore jail, the confession would be made before a Magistrate in the city. This matter had come up last week and there was a confusion whether the confession should be made before the Chief Judicial Magistrate Urban or Rural. The Pune court has now clarified that the confessional statement shall be made before the CJM, Urban.

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