Thursday, October 21, 2010

K'taka HC reserves orders in BJP rebel MLA's case

The Karnataka High Court has reserved orders on the petition challenging the dis disqualification of the 11 rebel BJP MLA's. Justice V G Sabahith who heard arguments for two days reserved orders on the matter.

Justice Sabahith was appointed third judge in the matter after a division bench of the same court delivered a split verdict. The chief justice upheld the order of the speaker while the other judge justice n kumar set aside the order of the speaker.
The government of Karnataka waits with bated breath for this order since the fate of the government depends on it. If the order of the speaker is set aside then the opposition will have 110 members as against the 107 which the BJP has today.

The verdict of the third judge in such an event will be the final one and an appeal would lie next only before the supreme court of india which both parties have made clear that they would move if the order goes against them.

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