Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Karantaka BJP hit by dissidence again

Resort politics in Karnataka is back to haunt the BJP government once again. Around 20 MLAs upset over not being given enough representation in the cabinet resuffle have huddled themselves in a resort in Chennai and are threatening to pull down the government in Karnataka.

The MLAs led by Renukacharya had expressed their disappoinment over not being given portfolios in the recent cabinet reshuffle. They accused chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa of favoritism and said that he had taken only those close to him into the Cabinet.

The Chief Minister however said a while ago that there is no crisis and all the MLAs who are in the resort would return to Bangalore tonight and the issue resolved. We will see what can be done, but I am confident that they will return tonight and speak with me today itself.

The CM is obviously worried over the latest development and has sent R Ashok, the Home Minister as an emissary to pacify the revolting MLAs. Along with Ashok, he has also sent Shriramulu who belongs to the Janardhan Reddy camp to difuse the crisis

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