Thursday, October 7, 2010

Is leadership change the real issue in K'taka?

As the crisis in Karnataka deepens, senior leaders in the BJP are rushing to Bangalore to hold talks. Senior cabinet Minister, Dr V S Acharya told that we are confident that of tiding through the crisis and will win the trust vote on October 11th.

I am hopeful that this crisis will be over soon and we will be able to prove our majority on the floor of the house on October 11th.

On being asked as to why the BJP in Karnataka faces a crisis every six months, Dr Acharya said that there is no particular reason for this. Each one has their personal reasons and react in their own way. I cannot tell you the reason for it since I don’t know, but each has their own reason and they join together and a crisis is created.

Meanwhile the rebels who have now moved to Kochi from Chennai appear not to be relenting. While their primary issue was more cabinet berths, the demand now is for a change in leadership. The emissaries who have been sent to hold talks have come back saying that the rebels would relent if the leadership is changed. During the course of the day more talks will be held with the rebels and senior BJP leader, Venkaiah Naidu will be coming down to Bangalore after holding talks with the rebels. He is expected to put forth the views of the rebels before the party leadership in Karnataka and then work out a solution so that the two year old government in Karnataka survives.

Dr Acharya however pointed out that the issue of a leadership change has not come before them as yet. Nothing to that affect has come up before us as yet and I don’t think this issue may arise either, he also said.

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