Monday, September 27, 2010

Who carried out the Jama Masjid blast?

The Delhi police who are probing the attack outside the Jama Masjid two Sundays back are yet to pin point as to who exactly carried out the blast. While they have managed to find the link between the firing and the pressure cooker blast, they are yet to ascertain as to who carried out the strike.

Sources in the Delhi police told that had the attack gone as planned the consequences would have been deadlier. As per the original plan the bomb was to explode first and was to be followed by the firing. The idea was to create a scare and bring people outside from the Jama Masjid and open fire on them.

However the gun men who were waiting at the spot found that the bomb had not ticked off as yet and hence decided to target the tourist bus which was present at the venue. This is an indication that they had not planned on attacking the bus as per the original plan.

Intelligence bureau officials who are part of the investigation say that the attack was planned in Delhi itself. Barring the email we have not found any traces of the Indian Mujahideen as yet. All the leads point to a local module which had decided to create panic ahead of the Common Wealth Games.

The email too does not make any direct mention to the Jama Masjid attack. It was a portion later added in loosely and then sent. The original mail which was sent out in a PDF format has no mention of the Jama Masjid attack.

During the course of the investigation the trail led to Mumbai and now the Home Minister has claimed that the mail was bounced off a server from Norway. The IB says that the attack was very well planned and they have followed the exact same pattern as the IM. However the lack of experience in bomb making and final execution is what made the attack a dud. This is probably because they were carrying out an attack for the first time and hence could have faultered when it came to the final execution.

The IB says that the IM has plenty of sympathizers in both Delhi and Mumbai. There are a large number of them who feel that many youth had been targeted unecesarily by the police and they felt that it was necessary for them to keep the organization alive. The IB says that there is not a single day which passes in these cities and some areas where the atrocities against the IM has not been spoken about. It is this which has led some local modules to carry out an attack of such a nature.

The police say that it is absolutely necessary to crack down on these outfits and if they are let off lightly then it could emerge into outfits such as SIMI and the Indian Mujahideen which had become a nation wide headache.

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