Friday, September 10, 2010

Mumbai on alert with a possiblitiy of terror attack

Two people of foriegn origin have entered into Mumbai and are trying to cause disturbances, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra as well as the Police Commissioner have warned. The Mumbai police who have also released a sketch of the two persons have said that the two men are named Kalimuddin Khan alias Rameshwar Pandit and Hafiz Shareef.

The Mumbai police who have issued this advisory based on the inputs provided by both the state as well as the central intelligence bureaus say that the two suspected terrorists are in the city with an intention of carrying out an attack. IB sources told that they are of foriegn origin and have slipped into India a day back.

These men who are suspected HuJI militants could have used the Nepal route, sources point out. However the IB is also not ruling out the possibility of the two men belonging to the Lashkar-e-Tayiba which has a strong network in Maharashtra.

The IB had issued a general advisory to all police stations across the country regarding a possible attack in the eve of back to back festivals. However there was specific intelligence with regard to Mumbai since the celebrations are conducted on a grand scale there

Meanwhile the city police have launched a man hunt for these two men and say that nabbing them is of extreme importance since it is necessary to prevent whatever they are up to and also find out which module they belong to.

The Mumbai police commissioner Himanshu Roy who has also released sketches of the suspects says that CCTV cameras have been installed at every crowded location in Mumbai and his force operating with the help of these cameras in order to nab the two persons. The Commissioner also said that the people have been told to report about these two persons at the following numbers- 2263333 and 22625020 in case they spot these men.

Mumbai city has been on the radar of various groups such as the Lashkar, IM and also the HuJI since their modules had gone down post 26/11. This was informed to the Home Ministry of India by the IB who in turn passed on the information to the Chief Minister, Ashok Chauvan.

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