Sunday, September 19, 2010

IM's new tool, pressure cookers

A new angle to the Jama Masjid firing case has emerged with the Delhi police finding that the car explosion near the place of attack was sue to a circuited pressure cooker.

Ranjan Bhagath, spokesperson of the Delhi Police informed that the pressure cooker was crudely circuited and this could have caused the explosion. The police are looking further into this aspect of the case.

According the Delhi police this explosion was caused so that the gunmen could have an easy escape. In most incidents which involve firing by gun men an explosion is caused immediately after or before the attack in order to create panic and divert security agencies. We suspect a similar operation here, Delhi police say.
However one thing that has miffed security personnel is the use of a pressure cooker. None of the IM operations in the past have used such a tactic and this could be well a new pattern or may simply be the doing of a smaller group.
The car which went up in flames has been taken to the police station and further investigation is on.

On the mail sent by the IM claiming responsibility the Delhi police say that they are exploring all angles including the possibility of a smaller group or a group of disgruntled youth carrying out this attack.

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