Monday, September 20, 2010

I deserve to be in the Cabinet: G Shekhar

Karnataka's cabinet minister, Gulihatti Shekhar who was instrumental in the formation of the BJP government in Karnataka has created quite a stir when he threatened to commit suicide if dropped from the Cabinet.

All eyes presently are on the Cabinet reshuffle is underway and is likely to announced on September 22nd. Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa is currently in New Delhi to finalise the list with the approval of the party high command.

There were rumours that some key persons would be dropped from the Cabinet and in this list the name of G Shekhar ( Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs) too figured prompting him to make such a bizarre statement.

In this interview with, he explains that his statement was taken a bit out of context and he is pretty confident that he may not be dropped from the Cabinet after all. He however adds that things could take any turn in case he is dropped.

Suicide if dropped from the Cabinet- isn't that that taking it a bit too far?

Why should I be dropped from the Cabinet. I just said that I will have to plan my next course of action if I am dropped.

So what is the situation now? Is there a truce?

I have information that I will not be dropped. Earlier there was this talk that Chief Minister, B S Yeddyurappa will drop my name during the cabinet re-shuffle. But now I have been assured that I will remain in the Cabinet and I hope I am not let down.

You as an independent helped form the government in Karnataka when it fell short of a majority. Did you feel betrayed or cheated when you heard that you may be dropped?

I was upset and it is not as though there is something wrong in the manner that I have worked. I deserve to be in the Cabinet.

Do you trust the word of the party when it has assured that you will remain in the Cabinet. Face it the party can do without you today since it has the numbers.

Yes I have taken the word of the party and its leaders when they assured me that I will not be dropped. I have value for their word.

Do you think the Chief Minister is under immense pressure to bring in his loyalists during this cabinet reshuffle?

I would not want to comment on that. I only hope that the party will remember our services and not let us down.

This is politics and things could turn at the last moment. What if the party does not keep up its word?

As of now I would like to believe that I will not be betrayed. I have spoken to many people and the CM himself has assured that my name will not be changed.

Again sir, what if they drop you?

Then I will have to decide on the next course of action.

Is that a revolt of is that suicide?

It could take any turn. I don't want to be specific here. Once again I want to say I trust their word at the moment. They should not let down the people who have helped the party. If they do then let them hoist their flag over my dead body. As I said it could take any turn. But for the moment let us wait and watch.

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