Monday, September 20, 2010

Are local groups involved in Delhi blasts?

Despite all pointers to an Indian Mujahideen styled attack, the Delhi police say that leads into the probe indicate that it is some local groups which have carried out the attack at Delhi on Sunday.

Sources in the Delhi police who are investigating the matter told that the entire style of the attack looks like an Indian Mujahideen operation, but our investigations so far indicate that it is some local group which has carried out this attack. We are not ruling out the possibility of the IM being involved in the attack, but leads show that these boys had links with the IM before the groups broke up following a spate of crack downs across the country.

The police also maintained that the attack was aimed at causing panic ahead of the CWG. The intention was to kill a couple of tourists in the bus but they panicked and after opening a round of fire they fled the spot which gives us an indication that these were not well trained cadres. Had it been the main cadres of the IM the result of this attack would have been devastating. Moreover these men had not specifically planned on targeting the bus since they had no prior information. It was a random pick and these men would have fired at anything on Sunday, the police said.

The finding of ammonium will help the investigation further. We will need to wait for the FSL report which will give us a better clue, the officer also pointed out. We have found ammonium nitrate, clocks wires and it was evident that the bomb was assembled by a rookie.

With regard to the mail, the Delhi police say that they are still examining it and have requested the service providers for further details. Details which emerge from that will help us crack the case.

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