Thursday, September 16, 2010

Babri verdict: UP govt tense about law and order

The Uttar Pradesh government has its task cut out ahead of the verdict on the Ayodhya issue. In order to maintain law and order, the Uttar Pradesh Home Ministry has written to the Government of India seeking 600 companies of Central Paramilitary Forces, by the sanctioned amount has been on 40 till date.

Sources in the UP police department told that after conducting a survey of all the sensitive areas across the state, in addition to the state police force they would need 600 companies of CPMF. The Union Government has however sanctioned just 40 for the time being and 10 companies have already arrived in the state.

The Home Ministry has also taken a decision to convert several schools in several places into make shift jails. They are expecting to carry out a large number of arrests and also preventive arrests in the wake of the verdict. The Home Ministry has said that it wants no trouble and would carry out as many arrests as possible in order to maintain law and order. Various organizations who are fighting this issue have also instructed their cadres and organizations to maintain peace and calm irrespective of whichever way the verdict goes.

The State Government has identified Azamgarh, Rampur, Pareli, Muradabad and Faisabad as most sensitive areas and all schools in these places will be converted into make shift jails. These areas identified have a larger Muslim population compared to Hindus and the police feel that trouble is most likely to take place in these areas.

The Home Department has expressed its displeasure over the number of CMPF companies that have been sanctioned and will be writing to the Union Government once again for more forces. Further the Home Ministry has instructed the police to make all possible preventive arrests in order to maintain calm. Further instructions have also been given to stop celebrations of any kind as it is more likely to irk the losing party.

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