Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ayodhya verdict: Is it a tactical delay?

The verdict of the Supreme Court to put off the contrversial Ayodhya verdicts has evoked mixed reactions. The Convenor of the Babri Masjid Committee, Dr S Q R Ilyas says that the decision to stay the pronouncement of the verdict has come as a shock since for the first time such a verdict has been pronounced despite both the parties not wanting any deferment.

Both parties had made it clear that the court should go ahead with the verdict and there is no scope for any further argument. Even when the Supreme Court hears the matter next week, our answers will be the same and it cannot be compromised at this stage. It has not happened in 60 years and overnight it will not happen. There have been many attempts made in the past to settle the matter but they have all failed.

Even during the last hearing of the High Court both parties had voiced in the same concern and it was based on this the verdict not to defer the plea was passed. This looks like just another tactic to delay proceedings and if the matter is not settled by September 30th then one of the judges on the Bench will retire and the matter will have to be re-heard.

When we go before the Supreme Court next week we will seek speedy disposal of the case so that the pronouncement can go ahead.

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Sneha said...

I'm not sure who is losing out by the delay but definitely the advocates in the case are going to benefit if the Judge retires.

Also, after having taken so many years what is judiciary scared of ?? They have to pass the judgment after having admitted the case. Sooner the better.