Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The most wanted lady naxal

There has been immense confusion in Karnataka over the death of frontline woman naxal leader Hosagadde Prabha. A few days back the media in Bangalore had reported that she was dead, but today both police personnel and her family say that the news is unconfirmed and it appears that she has managed to give the slip yet again.

The Home Ministry in Karnataka and also the top rung of the police wing are clearly unhappy since they thought that the most troublesome lady naxal leader in Karnataka who has 26 cases against her was dead and gone.

Sources in the Home Ministry told rediff.com that they had called on the police department for a confirmation regarding this news, but the police were unable to do so. Her father Narayan Shettar who is aged 60 also said that he did not have any confirmation of the news. He says that he had told his daughter always to be a good citizen and educate herself, but she never listened to us.

It was rumoured that Prabha who is the wife of B G Krishnamurthy, a top naxal leader and one of the Dantewada attackers had been admitted to a private hospital in Bangalore after she complained of asthama. However the media reported a couple of days later that she had died and her body would be taken by her associates to her home town in Shimoga district. However the investigations now reveal that she had got wind of the police tracking her down and she managed to escape from the hospital.

Why is Prabha important? According to the police, Prabha goes by the aliases, Sandhya, Vindhu, Netra and Madhu. Most importantly she holds the key to the whereabouts of her dreaded husband, Krishnamurthy who was once a top leader in Karnataka but had to move North after a major police crackdown in Karnataka. The Karnataka police have been specifically been requested to nab Prabha and interrogate her about the details of her husband who holds a very important portfolio.

Sources in the Shimoga police who are on the trail of this woman told rediff.com that they have not found any evidence to prove that she is dead. She is dreaded in these areas and off late she had her group have not been involved in any subversive activities. However she has a powerful say in these belts especially among the women and has been brain washing them into joining the movement.

The Shimoga police say that they have been checking with their counterparts on the whereabouts of this lady and the only information that they have managed to get so far is that she had been admitted under the name of Susheela before she managed to escape.

Prabha who has been an active naxal leader since the past ten years first joined a voluntary organization by the name Mahila Kagruthi which fought for women empowerment. She also took part in various other social causes for the empowerment of tribals in Karnataka before she came in contact with Krishnamurthy and also the late Saketh Rajan who was gunned down by the police. Since then she has been active with the naxal movement and has been primarily responsible for inducting women into the force. Today she figures among the most wanted and carries a Rs 5 lakh reward on her head.

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