Thursday, August 19, 2010

Madani's affidavit longest in history

Even as the Bangalore police await a central team to arrive in order to start the interrogation of Abdul Nasar Madani, the 31st and most high profile accused in the Bangalore blasts case, the state has filed an affidavit before the Karnataka High Court accusing him of wanting to form an Islamic India.

State Public Prosecutor H S Chandramouli who filed the objections said that this is a historic one since never in the history of any criminal jurisprudence has such a lenghthy objection been filed. He said that the objections which narrate the modus operandi alone run into 57 pages apart from the affidavit.

Opposing his application seeking discharge from the case, the state in a very lengthy affidavit before the Karnataka High Court says that Madani had a dream of converting India into an Islamic nation and Bangalore blasts was just a tip of the iceberg to commence a proxy war against India. Not only do they accuse him of co-conspiring the serial blasts at Bangalore, but they also accuse him of being involved in the circulation of fake currency in order to destabilize the economy.

The affidavit further goes on to accuse him of planning a proxy war against the nation by using members of the PDP. He had also planned on engaging other fundamental outfits to carry out this operation, the affidavit also mentions. The state of Karnataka also states before the court that he had helped get the bombs, microchips manufactured which were finally used in the case.

The affidavit records a conversation between Madani and prime accused T Nasir and states that the latter had made a call on June 27 and provided him with the details of the operation. They say that a person by the name Joseph from Kerala had over heard the conversation between Madani and his other associates regarding the Bangalore operation. Further it is also said that Madani had visited Naseer in Coorg district and paid him 2500 rials for the operation. Madani has a lot of cash at his disposal and has been raising funds from Gulf countries to undertake subversive activities in India, the affidavit also states. Further the state government also says that there was evidence of him being involved in the Coimabtore blasts.

The government goes on to state that since the accused is high profile in nature and there is a need to complete the trial against him urgently, a special court be set up for this purpose. The state government says that there is an utmost need to complete the trial soon since there is every possibility of this man’s associates destroying evidence.


Meanwhile there has been a delay in the interrogation of Madani who is currently in the custody of the Bangalore police. The Bangalore team does not have the required expertise to interrogate such a high profile personnel and are awaiting members of the central team to come down. The team is expected to arrive in a day or two following which interrogation will commence, sources said.

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