Saturday, July 31, 2010

ISI's new game plan for Kashmir

The violence in Kashmir is back and Intelligence Bureau inputs suggest that once again it is the external forces which are fuelling the violence. What the security agencies are more worried about is that the violence will continue to escalate since Pakistan based terror groups, especially the Lashkar-e-Tayiba don’t have plans of backing down. What is even more interesting is that the Pakistan groups have come well prepared and the ISI has even given these jihadis pay hikes to boost their morale so that they can keep the violence afloat.

Sources in the intelligence bureau told that as per the intercepts available this time, the ISI has specifically told groups such as the Laskhar to step up violence so that the attention of the world turns to Kashmir. There has been a lot of international pressure on these groups and the recent leaks have dragged the ISI’s name in the open and accuses it of sponsoring terrorism.

The IB says that Kashmir is like a safe house for the ISI and whenever it finds itself on the back foot it uses this issue to divert attention. The ISI feels that barring India, a large part of the international community treats the Kashmir issue as a freedom struggle and hence they can manage to dish out sympathy from certain quarters.

As per the new plan, the ISI has instructed specifically its groups to target only security personnel. They have been constantly provoking the security personnel under the garb of stone pelters and luring them on to fire so that innocent civilians are killed.

Off late the Pakistan based groups were finding it difficult to carry forward their movement since the sympathy factor among the locals were missing. The IB says that by getting Indian security personnel to kill innocent civilians, they hope that the mindset of the locals change completely and hatred is developed in the minds of the people for the Indian set up.

Well prepared: The IB says that it is a well prepared force which the ISI has in place for the Kashmir battle. The Lashkar today will not just comprise Pakistanis Mujahideens alone. They have roped in Arabs, Sudanese Sikhs of the Bindranwale group, Palentines and Nigerians for this battle. They have a strong, dedicated contingent of 4500 persons exclusively for this battle. The job of these persons is to keep infiltrating into the valley and create confusion. Although these cadres belong to the Lashkar and the Hizbul Mujahideen, they operate as one force for this battle.

Salary Hikes: This is not some knee jerk reaction which has come in the backdrop of the statements made by British Prime Minister David Cameron on Pakistan. The ISI has been nurturing its Kashmir team for quite some time now. The violence in the Valley had come down to a large extent over the past one year. The ISI found its troops demoralized since none of them were able to operate well due to lack of local support. As a first step, the ISI instructed the group heads to hike up the salary of the jihadis from Rs 5000 to Rs 10000. In addition to this they have also promised better perks for the family members in case any of them died fighting. In addition to this the ISI also offered an additional allowance of Rs 3400 for these jihadis.

The ISI found that it was not getting enough men to fight this battle and felt that better perks would attract more people for this battle. This indeed has worked for the ISI, the IB says and they have managed to get a lot more people on board.

With such combinations in place, they have managed to keep Kashmir on the boil. The clear instruction however is not to fight the security agencies with weapons, but to keep irking them so that more innocents Kashmiris die and the sentiment of the public turns towards them.

The IB says that Indian agencies have their task cut out since these persons who have infiltrated are trained fighters and cannot be bogged down easily. They were very much capable of keeping a battle going for a long time and withstanding security forces from India, like they did during the Mumbai attack.

Image: Anti-India protests in Kashmir go voilent

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