Monday, August 9, 2010

Jagan is hero of Telugu speaking people: Ambati Rambabu

A fresh war has broken out in the Andhra Pradesh Congress between what people call the Rosaiah and the Jagan Mohan Reddy camp. In matter of three months the Congress in that state has issued a warning twice to members who have spoken out against Rosaiah.

Ambati Rambabu, veteran Congress leader who is under suspension for his remarks against Rosaiah, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has lashed out yet again against his own party in defence of his party member Konda Surekha who too had spoken against the CM.

There is a conspiracy against Jagan Reddy, his family members and all his supporters. What is so special about Rosaiah that people are not supposed to question him, Rambabu says in this interview with

You have done it again. Despite the suspension, you have spoken against Rosaiah and this time in the defence of Konda Sureka, the Parakal MLA.

There is no hard and fast rule which says I am not supposed to question the Chief Minister. The Congress is a democratic party with its own constitution and it does not state anywhere that we are not supposed to question him.

But, why the special treatment only for those who in the eyes of the public are hardcore Jagan followers?

I don’t know really. I personally feel that there is a conspiracy against all supporters of Jagan. Off late there has been action being taken against all those who are speaking in favour of Jagan. This is something that Rosaiah alone can answer.

So is Jagan frustrated now and will he start a new party?

There is no such plan and I really cant speak on his behalf at the moment. He is touring at the moment and I can say for now there is no plan of breaking away from the party. He wants to be with the Congress and has no aspirations for the CMs post. He wants to work for the party. Everyone in the party knows that he is the future and he is the hope. There is not a single leader leave alone in the Congress but in the entire Andhra Pradesh who has the charisma that Jagan has. In fact he has more charisma than Chiranjeevi and Chandrababu Naidu too. He is the hero of all the Telugu speaking people.

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