Friday, August 6, 2010

The Babbar Khalsa-ISI terror plan for India

The months to follow would see a steep rise of the Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) and this outfit which is operating presently out of Pakistan will play a major role in terror in India, Intelligence agencies have warned.

Latest inputs that having been trickling in would suggest that this outfit which had held the country ransom two decades back has been using the Kashmir conflict to its advantage. We have information that a number of person who have been causing trouble in Kashmir are from this outfit. Intelligence Bureau officials told that the members of this outfit have used the ongoing violence to infiltrate into the country. In addition to adding to the trouble in Kashmir by taking on security agencies, they are also using this issue as an excuse to infiltrate. We have warned security agencies to keep a watch on such persons since it would get out of hand if they manage to infiltrate in large numbers.

For the ISI, the BKI is an elite wing and has been guarding them for quite some time which gives the indication that they want to use them for bigger operations. It is not a secret that the operatives of the BKI have been housed in Pakistan. IB reports state that there are at least 1500 operatives of the BKI who have been undergoing training for quite some time now. They specialize in fidayeen strikes and also are capable of carrying out hijacks.

The IB says that India must not take this threat lying down since this outfit is being groomed into being the next Indian Mujahideen. It is a known fact that the ISI has been trying to put an Indian face to terrorism and they feel like the IM, the BKI could achieve their purpose. The ISI has also made it clear that apart from reviving terrorism in Punjab, they would want this outfit to take care of other Northern States, but the main target would be New Delhi.

The recent arrests of Daljith Singh and Purshotham Singh at Mohali and their subsequent interrogations have made the ISI’s plans clear. They have said that their leader. Paramjith Singh who figures in India’s dossier to Pakistan is holed up in Pakistan and they have been acting on his instructions. They also revealed that they have been told specifically to pump up infiltration and with the infiltrator bring in fake currency, arms and other weapons for terrorist strikes. They also revealed during interrogation that the ISI has been housing them in camps in Pakistan and they undergo rigourous training along with other militants of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba and other groups. Further they stated that they had been asked to set up camps in Punjab and also said that a large number of their accomplices have been pushed into Kashmir to fight alongside the rest of the terrorists.

The IB says that for the CWG the two major threats are from the naxals and also Pakistan based groups. They do not rule out the role of the BKI since they would be able to gain easy access since they are familiar with the terrain and the local language.

Security experts say that the ISI has managed to forge a relationship successfully between the Khalistani terrorists and also those operating in the Valley. In this regard the ISI had also formed the Pakistan Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee nearly a decade back. Under this arrangement, the leaders of the Lashkar were to impart arms training to these militants and nearly 20 dedicated camps at Lakhpat, Chakwal, Gujranwala, Mianwali, Kot ,Peshawar, Attock, Shahidan Da Banga and Gulbarg in Lahore.

Another intercept that has been received goes on to the operatives who have managed to infiltrate into India have been told to get in touch with local operatives of the D Gang. The members of this gang have been helping these operatives raise funds which in turn is sent across the border so that this group can purchase arms and ammunition. The financial transaction of the BKI have been managed by a person by the name Wadhwa Singh who too is holed up in Pakistan.

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