Friday, July 30, 2010

TRS wave sweeps AP

The verdict is out and the TRS has swept the by-elections and interestingly has won by an average of 50000 seats in almost all seats. These elections have been held in the backdrop of the very important Telangana movement and people involved in the movement say the results are an open letter to the Shri Krishna Commission.

Subhash Reddy, the general secretary of the TRS told, “ I am elated. Although it was expected, this result has sent out a clear message to one and all who have to take a final decision regarding the formation of Telangana. The Shri Krishna Commission which is looking into the issue does not need better proof of the peoples sentiments. This result is an open letter to the commission which should act fast and come out with its recommendation to form Telangana state.

The confusion which the people had in their minds regarding this movement has been cleared out. The movement is stronger than ever today and those politicians especially in the Congress and the Telegu Desam Party who have played a double game have got their answer.

From now onwards there is no looking back. We wont resort to any forceful protests, but have decided to wait for the report of the Shri Krishna Commission. However if that is delayed then no one can stop the public and all hell may break lose.

Dr Prithviraj, the chief of the Students Joint Action Committee on Telangana says that it is not the TRS, but the cause that has won today. This is not a referrandum. The people have thrown the Congress and the TDP out.

All of you may have thought that the movement had died down. It is very much in our hearts and we have not forgotten. It is a Tsunami under water which will erupt.

Look at the behaviour of the TDP and the Congress. Naidu, a Chief Minister for 9 years was scared to come here. Sonia Gandhi could not come here and the same is the case with Jagan and Rosaiah. Has an election ever been fought like this where important leaders have hidden from the public?

I don’t have much to say about the TRS. For me they are like any other political party. They did nothing but enchash on the movement and converted them into votes. What has happened is that the people did not have an alternative party to vote for. TRS cannot claim credit, they can only thank the sentiment of the people.

The people still have in their mind that 300 people had died and this is what is taking the movement forward and the TRS must not forget that.

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