Monday, July 19, 2010

I want to open challenge to Congress: Reddy

Janardhan Reddy, the cabinet minister in the BJP Government in Karnataka who has been accused of illegal mining by the opposition decided to take the fight to the Congress. Producing scores of documents before a jam packed press conference in Bangalore, Reddy said that it is the Congress leaders who are the kings of the mining scam and he is being accused so that they can cover up their crime.

Reddy accused Congress leaders, M Y Ghorpade, Allum Veerabhadrappa Abdul Wahab, Anil Lad and Santosh Lad of illegal mining and added that their scam is to the tune of 1000s of crores. According to the documents produced by Reddy at the press meet, the land encroached by the Congress MLAs alone to carry out mining amounted to nearly 200 acres. However the documents states that there are many more such instances, but only a survey which is underway would determine the exact extent.

I wanted to produce all these documents in the assembly and expose the Congress, but they did not give me an opportunity to do so. They shut me up by sitting in dharna and that left me with no choice but to come before the media and make my stance clear.

The press meet by Reddy was a much anticipated one since he had claimed that he would drop the bomb on the Congress. Reddy started off by speaking of his humble background and how he had come up despite being the son of a police constable. He said that he apologized for the disruption in the assembly and said he owed an apology to the public.

Reddy said that the fight was started by the Congress and he is ready to battle it out. They are trying to shake the BJP. Let them forget about it because even in their dreams they wont be able to do so.

Why is the focus on Bellary all the time when the issue of illegal mining comes up? What about Orissa which alone has 593 mining leases? Let me tell all the people that no one can even point out anything against me. A single black spot on me is not possible since we are not criminals and do not indulge in anything illegal. A person who was a fuel bunk attendant could become the biggest industrialist in India, but when a police constables son grows everyone seems to have a problem.

We have not been into the mining business since time immemorial.I have been into this business since the past 5 years only so it is wrong to say that I have come up politically due to money power generated from mines. However I cannot say the same about the Congress which has been into this business since generations.

What illegal mining are the people talking about in Karnataka. I don’t own a square foot of land in this state. I have the Obalipuram Mining Company in Andhra Pradesh. There were allegations against that one too. The then Chief Minister of AP, Y S Rajashekhara Reddy had formed a committee and after inspection all the leaders in the AP house barring Chandrababu Naidu gave us a clean chit. However soon after the death of YSR, they began bombarding us with notices and sought explanations and we have given our reply. They also ordered a CBI inquiry into this issue. At that time I had said I am ready for a CBI or even an FBI probe. I don’t care since I am clean.

We have been given so many clean chits by so many forums despite this our opposition in Karnataka raises this issue. Do they have any shame at all? All these developments have affected even my children. My ten year old son keeps asking me why are these people after me despite us getting a clean chit.

People make all sorts of allegations and the latest one is regarding my alleged 60 bed room bomb proof house. This was raised in the assembly on the basis of a report in a magazine. The opposition leaders are coming to Bellary on a Padayatra. Let them come and check for this house. I live in a 4 bed room house.

I want to make this open challenge to the Congress. They have their eyes on Bellary since they have not been winning elections over there. They got Sonia, they got Priyanka, what happened? Did they win? Bellary is over for the Congress. They can never win from there and it is better that they forget about it.

I don’t own even a single inch of land in Karnataka. I am not in favour of exporting iron ore since it is our national wealth. I have been saying this over and over again and will fight for the ban on export of ore. However the same cannot be said about the Congress. Look at the documents produced by me, it will say clearly the extent of land they have encroached and also goes on to show who has been promoting illegal mining and export of ore. There are 1000s of crores at stake and they have to be stopped and I will work along with the government to put an end to this menace and expose the Congress. I request all the people not to associate the mining scam with us. The mining scam is the primary property of the Congress and mark my words they will be exposed. They have alleged that I demand hafta from mining owners. I would laugh it off since something that the Congress has been doing for so long has been turned against me.

There has been a lot of activity by the Governor of Karnataka recently. What do I say about it? He himself says he is a Congress man. Is there anything more I need to add to that? He claims that he has evidence on hand. Let him come forward with it, I am waiting for it. If he is able to prove even one bit of the allegation then I will step down from power. The governor has exceeded his brief and the people will decide on that.

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