Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Hyderabad angle in Sohrabuddin case

With the arrest of Amith Shah in connection with the Sohrabuddin fake, the demand to act against some officers in the Hyderabad police department is increasing.

In a letter written to Congress supremo, Sonia Gandhi, the Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee has stated that for the killing of Sohrabuddin, there were many officers in the Hyderabad police department who had provided logistic support for this operation. The letter which is written on the basis of the statements given by the accused person even states that for the operation, the Hyderabad police had gone up to the extent of stopping traffic on the Hyderabad-Mumbai highway so that this operation could pass off smoothly.

The letter which quotes the statements of the witnesses and the accused states that in the month of November 2005, Raj Kumar Pandian, the IPS officer from Gujarat had come down to Hyderabad where he conducted a series of meetings with counter intelligence, special task force and city police officials.

The AP police were obliging in this operation and provided logistic support to the officers from Gujarat. The team of the Gujarat police were housed at the police officers mess during the course of this operation. Further to this it is alleged that they made arrangements for fake number plates. In addition to this cars too were provided in which the police team followed the bus in which the alleged extortionist Sohrabudin was traveling along with his wife Kausarbhi. Minutes before the operation could commence, traffic was stopped along the high way for a couple of hours so that the bus when intercepted could have been in a lonely place and no one gets wind of this operation.

Pandian during interrogation makes it clear that there were 7 police officials from Hyderabad present for this operation and they had even visited the ATS head office in Gujarat in connection with this case.

The CLMCI argues that why action should not be initiated against the police officers of Hyderabad since it is now clear that this entire operation was fake in nature. The Gujarat government too swore on affidavit that these officials from their state had visited Hyderabad city and met with the police officials in connection with this case.

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