Monday, July 26, 2010

Chargesheet nails down Amit Shah

Amith Shah, the Gujarat Minister for Home has his task cut out as the chargesheet against him nails him for murder, extortion, kidnapping and criminal conspiracy.

The chargesheet filed in the Sohrabhudin encounter case spells on in detail the role played by Shah and the rest of the police members in the case. There is however a huge missing link in the chargesheet which the CBI would need the presence of Shah to fill up. It goes back to the year 2004 where mentions that Sorahbuddin was extorting the owners of R K Marbles in Rajasthan. The owners then contact the and sRajasthan police regarding this threat. From here the chargesheet goes straight to the Amith Shah links and mentions he ordered the killing of Sorabhuddin. The fact as to who got in touch with Shah to carry out this job is unclear and only his probe by the CBI will fill in the blanks.

The Chargesheet: Sorabhuddin was an extortionist and was extorting Marble factory owners in Rajasthan. He sets up a gang with his aide Tulsi Prajapathi and even manages to kill his nearest rival Hamid Lala in the year 2002 with the help of Tulsi.

In the year 2004, he hands out a threat to the RK Marbles in Rajasthan. The owners are said to have good relations with the police. During this Amith Shah comes into the picture and orders his killing. He contacts Vanzara who in turn asks Shah as to how to go about it since there is no case against the man in Gujarat. Shah tells him that this was his headache and he needed to book a case somehow and get the job done.

Vanzara then gets in touch with Abhay Chudasama, the then head of the Ahmedabad crime branch and gets him fixed in a case in Gujarat. Chudasama then contacts Tusli and tells him that he has to bring Sorabhudin down to Gujarat. He then gets Tulsi to meet wit Vanzara who assures that Sorabhuddin wont be killed. He also says that there is a lot of political pressure and assured that he would just arrest the man but not kill him. Based on this assurance, Tusli gives out the details.

Vanzara and Chudasama then take a Quallis vehicle belonging to a industrialist and head towards their destination. Sohrabhudin who along with his wife Kausarbhi are intercepted near Dingola. They tell Sohrabhudin to get down, but his wife insists that she would go along with him. In the meantime, they shift Tulsi to Rajasthan and an FIR which is backdated is lodged against him. Sohrabhudin is however killed and the police show the death as an encounter. In the meantime, Kausarbhi is shifted to the Disha farm and killed. He body is later taken away to Vanzaras home town at Illole and burnt and the ashes thrown in the Narmada.

The chargesheet further goes on to state that in the meantime, Sohrabhudin’s brother appealed before the Supreme Court of India. At this point of time Chudasama approached him and offered him Rs 50 lakh to withdraw the case. When he refused he even threatened to kill him like his brother.

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Anonymous said...

In the present Governing system, how these extornist to be dealt with. As u and other say that whatever fate he met with, the CM and HM is involved. How many such murders going on every day no body is blaming the CM or HM of that State. How the media and others are blaming prior to any conclusion. Do u want to keep Modiji in lime light, just to benefit him politically.