Monday, June 28, 2010

Sammad still languishes in jail

Abdul Sammad a resident of Bhatkal who was picked up from Mangalore and taken to mumbai for his alleged role in the Pune blast case and also an arms case has a strange problem on hand. Despite being granted bail nearly two weeks back he continues to languish in jail.

His family members who anxiously await his release told that his release is getting uncessarily delayed for want of a gurantor. Just last week we thought that he would be released but that did not happen. Two gurantors who had come forward backed out at the last minute thus delaying the process further, family members said.

In this case the court has insisted that Sammad be released on the condition that he furnish a bail bond and should have two gurantors. Moreover one of the gurantors needs to be from mumbai, the bail conditions also state.

While they have no problem in finding one suitable gurantor from Bhatkal, the problem is finding from the city that he is lodged in. Two persons had come forward, but backed out at the last minute just when the formalities were being finalized. The family members say that the charges that were leveled against Sammad were serious in nature and hence people were weary of coming forward. They have no problem in standing surety for the arms case, but the problem is regarding the Pune blasts case which the police have associated him with.

A member of the family said that they have sent across a list of fresh names once again so that the release could take place. We are hopeful that the latest set of names from the city sent by us will be acceptable to the police and Sammad would be released at least by today evening.

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