Saturday, May 1, 2010

Did Loneliness Drive Her To Spying?

Investigating agencies are scrutinising the bank accounts of Madhuri Gupta, the Indian diplomat who was arrested on charges of spying for Pakistan, have found no no unusual transactions.

Sources told that this gives the impression that money was not her primary motivation. "We are still probing and trying to find out if she had some other account, but as of now we can say that there have been no suspicious transactions," the source said.

During her interrogation Madhuri said that she liked to live a good life and wanted the best of everything. This led the investigators to believe that she was paid in kind by her handlers in exchange of whatever little information she revealed. Madhuri was upset about the alleged humiliation she suffered at the hands of her superiors. When the Inter-Services Intelligence got wind of this, they started to trail her. When Gupta was approached by her handlers, she thought of putting this opportunity to best use. The entire operation has been carefully planned and both parties were aware that monetary transactions would leave a trail and hence they decided to avoid this.

Madhuri revealed that she felt lonely and yearned for company. She said that she always wanted to live a good life. These statements are an indication that she could have been paid in kind.
Investigators hope to gather more information once they finish scrutinising her computer, which they believe was a vital part of her espionage operation.

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