Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pak's gimmick: Interpol's help to get Kasab custody

Pakistan has made a last ditch attempt to get custody of Ajmal Kasab, the gunman from the Mumbai 26/11 attack whose fate will be decided on May 3. Pakistan has sought the help of the Interpol to get custody of both Kasab and Fahim Ansari who are standing trial in India in connection with the Mumbai case.

The question that is now being asked is if this move by Pakistan will have any effect on the sentencing of these two men which is slated for May 3? Experts say that India has got nothing to worry and this is nothing more than a gimmick in order to build up some pressure.

Joginder Singh, former chief of the Central Bureau of Investigation who was also the chief of the Interpol in India told that Pakistan is trying to be holier than thou and this move by them is nothing but a gimmick. The Interpol is just a collection of bodies and is not bound by any legal framework. What the Interpol can do is issue a circular or a notice and circulate it. In the instant case, even if such a circular is issued and circulated it would have absolutely no bearing since Kasab or Ansari are not absconding and they are being held and tried legally in the Indian court. The court can go ahead with the sentencing and there is no need for us to respond to any such notice even if it is issued by the Interpol. The sentencing too can go on as scheduled since the Interpol has no legal bearing and the manner in which it works is through cooperation.

Justice Santosh Hegde, former judge of the Supreme Court of India says that the Indian courts will not be deterred by such a notice as it will not apply at all. We are holding these men legitimately and they cannot be handed over if such a notice is circulated. Pakistan is just trying to apply some pressure on India and it is clear that they are doing nothing but stooping so low internationally. They are well aware that Kasab is in our custody and there is a legitimate trial that is going on. Pakistan does have the tendency of acting in this manner. I would have to say that this is just a counter measure on the part of Pakistan in response to the dossier sent by us in which we have sought for the extradition of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba heads. It is a very poor tactic being used internationally despite them being blamed for the attack. India should just not bother about this and go ahead and sentence the accused in the Mumbai attack.

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