Tuesday, April 6, 2010

LeT back in vally trying to gain lost ground

Terrorist outfit Lashkar-e-Tayiba is altering the manner in which it has been waging the battle in Kashmir.

According to intelligence inputs the outfit has stopped its recruitment spree for Indian operatives. In the months to come, more foreign operatives will wage Lashkar's war in Kashmir.

Indian intelligence agencies told rediff.com that the Lashkar was unhappy with the manner in which the battle was being waged by the Indian operatives.

If one takes a look at the recent battles between the Indian troops and the Lashkar terrorists, the latter have not been as aggressive as they used to be. Moreover, they have not managed to win the confidence of the local people.

The latest recruits (nearly 60 and trained in Pakistan), mostly from Kerala, face problems with regard to the region's culture and the language. No matter how loyal and tough the Kerala modules are, operatives from the state will no longer have a role in Kashmir operations, say sources.

When compared to the fidayeens (suicide bombers) from Pakistan and Afghanistan, the cadres from India did not meet Lashkar's expectations. They were unable to connect with the local population and hence were unable to get any information regarding troop movement and related things.

The IB points out that the focus is back on Kashmir for both the Lashkar and the ISI, and they have decided to go all out once again. It has been said quite a few times in the past that the Lashkar is losing out on local support in Pakistan and parts of Kashmir, as it was found to be shifting focus to other parts. It is now trying to regain its stature as a group of freedom fighters fighting for the independence of Kashmir.

The numerous terror attacks and its alliance with other terror groups around the world gave its sympathizers a feeling that it was turning into a full fledged terror outfit and in the bargain forgetting the Kashmir cause. Also, the funding from sympathizers in the Gulf nations too came down due to this change in policy.

The IB says that the ISI too realises this fact and has specifically instructed the outfit to focus more on Kashmir. The days to come would see more gun battles in Kashmir and the directive is clear -- the target will be Indian armed forces only.

This change in scenario also means that the number of infiltrations would go up further. The IB says that these are the first signs of the change in strategy and the terrorists are being pushed in, in large numbers with arms and ammunition.

The Lashkar has already aligned with the various forces in Pakistan and Afghanistan to wage this battle and several groups are sending in their men to fight the Kashmir war.

This, however, is not an indication that the Lashkar would stop targeting other parts of India.

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