Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Death Of My Baby

June 23 2004 is one date I will never forget. It is a struggle I will 
never forget. The day my tryst with technology began. Nokia had announced the launch of it's 6600.
Browsing through the features online one thought came to my mind- could it get any better. A video camera a beautiful camera sync options and to top it all a blue tooth. I had to have it. But then the irony was- when will it launch in India? Those were the days when I took home a salary of Rs 6k and this phone cost 21000. Cut down on smoking, eating out and pulled out whatever little I had saved. I somehow 
managed the money. Well then that done I had to figure out how I would lay my hands on the phone. Thought and pondered and as luck would have it a friend of mine told me he would be leaving for London. I left for his home at 9 PM on June 10 2004. Literally begged him to get the phone for me. After much argument whether it was worth spending so much on a phone he finally agreed and took the money from me.
Well the next 2 weeks were the best. The wait was never ending but worth it. A day before he landed I mailed him saying that I would meet him at the airport itself and also told him not to keep the phone in the check in luggage. He landed in Banalore at 2 AM and guess what, I was there to receieve him. He was irritated at first when I asked him where is the phone instead of how he was. He handed me the phone and I left for home before thanking him.
I must have rode back home like a maniac as I didn't want to lose even a minute. At home I ripped the packet open and all through I kept shouting at my wife asking her how she could sleep when something so beautiful was about to happen. She couldn't care less. I fixed the battery and inserted my Airtel sim and then switched it on. The display was something that I had never seen before. The sound of nokia on polyphronic was like the sexiest nightingale. I will never forget that moment as a tear rolled down my eye. I called office that morning and sought leave. Nirad my chief asked if you are sick why are u sounding as though you have had a child. I told him that I did have a child and I am too giddy with happiness. He didn't argue.
The whole day was like a ride at Disney for me. The beauty was the more I did with it the more there was remaining. The cult phone of the world had arrived. Today every phone is derived from the 6600. Four years later too when I used to open the phone I used to wonder- wow man it can't get any better.
Well I took care of it like my baby and never let it out of my sight. Well you guys might be wondering why I am writing all this. As much as I hate to say it this is an obituary to my 6 year old baby who died two days back. Really don't want to go into the details of how and when since a death is a death and my baby has gone forvever. Before concluding I would like to take a moment to tell it that there is so much I learnt and I enjoyed every moment that I spent with you. 
Wherever you are please be happy and remember I miss you like crazy. You were and will always remain the best. RIP :(((

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