Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kingfisher bomb episode: employees held

The Bengaluru police said the crude bomb on Kingfisher Airlines may have been planted by an employee of the airline.

The police is questioning three employees of the airline in connection with the case.

Refusing to give out details, sources in the Bengaluru police told that the three employees may have had some grudge against the company and hence wanted to carry out the operation.

A crude bomb had been found in the cargo section of a Kingfisher flight with 31 people after it landed in Thiruvananthapuram on March 21, raising security concerns.

The three suspects, who were picked up on Thursday, had been working as ground staffers with the airline and had resigned a month ago.

However, since the management had not accepted their resignations, they were still employees with the airline.

During the preliminary round of questioning, the men have told the police that they had taken leave from work and were planning to leave to go to Dubai, from where they were to fly to Afghanistan.

At least this is what they are saying at the moment, the police added.

"We are yet to find out why they were planning to leave the country in such a hurry. We have not zeroed down to a terror angle in this case, but let us see where the investigation takes us," the police said.

The police said it is too early to come to any conclusion, but at the moment it appeared as though that the three nurtured some grudge against the company and hence wanted to carry out the operation.

However it is too early to say anything as their antecedents are still being verified, the police added

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