Tuesday, February 16, 2010

NIA will probe in case of international ramification

The National Investigation Agency, which was formed to investigate cases relating to terrorism, was not roped in for the investigation into the Pune blast.

Currently, it is the Mumbai Anti Terrorism Squad, Pune police and the Intelligence Bureau which is carrying out the probe into this case.

Union Home Secretary, G K Pillai who is monitoring the situation very closely, told rediff.com that they are yet to ascertain whether there is an international ramification to this case.

Investigators are also closly studying whether this blast was part of an inter state operation, Pillai also added.

He said if there are indications of an international ramification or and inter-state operation, 'we will surely rope in the NIA.'

The NIA was formed to deal with cases which had inter-state or international ramifications since 'it would be in a better position to handle it.'

"At the moment the local agencies are doing its job. Let them continue and then lets see what comes out of it," the home secretary said.

Speaking about the probe he said there was nothing much to reveal at the moment. "We will let you know in another two days," he said.

Regarding the speech made by Jammat-ud-Duwa leader Hafiz Makki in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, in which he mentioned Pune as a target, Pillai said they are still analysing this and have not come to any conclusion as yet.

He further said that it was too early to say anything about the Pakistan link to this case. "We are looking into these aspects and also coordinating with the investigating agencies. We will be able to get a clearer picture on this in a couple of days," he also added.

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