Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Men vs Women-Do we need a men's welfare ministry in the Govt.?

There are a 1000 laws that protect women. Maybe such laws were required at one point of time. However the world has changed today and women sure are in a much better position today. The issue today is that such laws are being misused and it is very evident that cases pertaining to harassment of men are on the rise.

In this context let us discuss whether there is a need to set up a Men’s Welfare Ministry in the Government. Chat with Virag, member, research Team, Save Indian Family Foundation on My Rediff Page. You can post your questions and Virag will answer them later during the day


Anonymous said...

Not just Mens welfare ministry but also Men and child welfare too. Any ways Men in this country are treated worse than animals who too have their ministry. But because of few power wielding men at the top, todays young Men are suffering.

CruiserDeep said...

We need a Men's welfare Ministry since there is no avenue to safe guard a
Man's rights presently, the society is conditioned to ignore and
ridicule Men's issues. Men's issues are listed below for reader's

Men and boys are always expected to be and conditioned to become protectors and
providers, and also routinely portrayed as

* Oppressors, aggressors, wife-beaters, dowry-seekers, bride-burners,
sexual perverts, pimps, cheats, criminals, murderers, rapists,
drug-peddlers, terrorists, etc. who ought to be restrained through
inhuman, draconian laws;
* Idiots, pathetic, uncouth and inferior creatures who are constantly
in need of rescue by their "superior" wives, girlfriends or female
relatives who are set to overhaul them;

Read more at http://aimwa.in/about/aimwa-charter