Saturday, February 20, 2010

Babbar Khalsa roped into 'Karchi Plot'

A month ago, Intelligence Bureau officials had sounded off a warning pertaining to a 'Karachi Plot' that was being hatched in Pakistan to target several Indian cities.

Further investigations into this plot, hatched by the Lashkar-e-Tayiba, the Al-Qaeda's '313 brigade' and Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence, have now revealed a new co-conspirer -- the Babbar Khalsa.

IB sources told that the 'Karachi Plot' is a combination of fidayeen strikes (suicide attacks), assassinations and serial bombings, and each of the outfits has been given a definite role.

Sources say that the '313 brigade' has been training several men for fidayeen strikes on the Indian soil. Assassination of key Indian leaders and targeting political offices is part of the plan.

The ISI is well aware that the Babbar Khalsa is the best in the business when it comes to targeting leaders. The Babbar Khalsa, which had gone quiet since the crackdown in Punjab, has been waiting to return with a bang. Its key leaders fled from India and were readily given shelter by the ISI.

There have been specific inputs that this outfit is being sheltered by the ISI.

Over the past few years, the Babbar Khalsa has managed to intensify its network with the help of Pakistan-based jihadi outfits and today the ISI feels that the time has come to rope them in for one of their biggest operation.

The decision to rope in the Babbar Khalsa was taken during a recent meeting they had with the ISI and the Lashkar held in the Choburjee area in Pakistan. It was also decided to target key leaders like Sonia Gandhi or even attempt a blast outside her residence in New Delhi, sources pointed out.

IB sources say that information has been trickling in that a synchronised attack by the three forces is being planned and there is an immediate need to boost security measures and not take any of these threats lightly.

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