Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lashkar's 2010 Plan

In the past few months several countries have been issuing travel advisories against travelling to India. The latest on the list of countries that have issued travel advisories are United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

Such advisories are being issued in the wake of several reports by Intelligence Agencies against the rising threat in India from terrorist organizations. Sources in the Intelligence Bureau told that the threat perception in India is still very high, but thanks to upgradation of the security system it would be very difficult for terror groups from across the border to carry out a terror strike in India.

In the year 2009, outfits such as the Lashkar have lying low intentionally since there has been a shake up to their infrastructure post Mumbai attacks. The IB says that the year 2010 will be an important year, since terror groups which have been bogged down for so long are desperate to strike.

The main threat that India would face from terrorist groups is a coordinated one by the Taliban, Lashkar-e-Tayiba and the Al-Qaeda. While the Taliban and the Al-Qaeda have changed their strategy against India, the Lashkar militants would largely be involved in the logistic part which would be involved during the attack. IB sources say that the shift I policy towards India comes following the growing ties between India and the US. Moreover the Al-Qaeda and the Taliban feels that India is interfering too much in Afghanistan and only a strike would send across a clear message.

What they plan in 2010? IB sources say that the Taliban has already drawn up plans with the Al-Qaeda to strike Western centres located in Indian cities. The attacks would largely focus on hitting out at foreigners within India apart from causing a great deal of damage to the Indian economy. It has been said several times in the past that the Al-Qaeda’s commander, Ilyas Kashmiri who heads the 313 brigade is training Fidayeens for this task.

Apart from this the Lashkar is also planning a series of attacks on the Indian soil. Intelligence warnings would indicate that this time around the outfit would be looking to hit at targets which would destabilize the country to a large extent. Hydro projects and power grids are something that they are planning to hit.

The Lashkar will also be looking to revive militancy in Punjab in a bid to fulfill their long standing promise towards the Babbar Khalsa. Both these outfits are working together on Pakistan soil and efforts are being made to revive militancy in this region. The two outfits attempted to carry out a strike in Punjab during the previous general elections, but the plans were foiled by Indian security agencies. At present the Babbar Khalsa has already commenced its process to infiltrate terrorists into the Indian soil so that attacks could be carried out.

The arrest of David Headley too reveals a deadly plan by the Lashkar to carry out spectacular attacks on Indian soil. His arrest has made it evident that the Lashkar and the Al-Qaeda were planning big attacks in India and in this regard he along with Tawwahur Rana were asked to survey various targets in India.

Currently there are nearly 44 camps operating in Pakistan which are set up to exclusively to target India. IB sources say that off the 44 camps, 36 are active and are prepared to strike at any given time. The rest of the camps have been placed on stand by mode. The worrying part is that there are 2400 militants who are housed in these camps and are awaiting orders to strike on Indian soil

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