Thursday, January 7, 2010

D-Gang, Kashmiri- India Needs To Watch Out

The United States of America named two very important terrorists yesterday while stating that these two persons are probably the biggest threat to the world. The US has asked Pakistan to keep specific tabs on Dawood Ibrahim and Ilyas Kashmiri and say that these two persons pose the biggest threat in spreading terrorism across the globe.

Indian Intelligence agencies believe that these two persons without a doubt a huge threats, but the threat perception to India is more when compared to the rest of the world. In the days to come, the ISI would position these two men in such a way that they would contribute the worst in the field of terror.

IB sources tell that Dawood has become inseperable for the ISI. Earlier this man was associated largely with only the Lashkar-e-Tayiba, but as of today, he happens to be the main financier for all terror groups. Sources point out that Dawood at first was reluctant to switch over from being a don to a full fledged terrorist. However Dawood was given no other option and was specifically told that if needed to further his drug business, he would have to use his network to smuggle in arms. Dawood used the Dubai-Pakistan route to smuggle drugs and gold since it was the safest passage. He had no option but to agree to the ISI command in order to further his business.

Over the years, Dawood has built an empire in almost every corner of the world. The ISI has used this network to its advantage and all arms and ammunition that is needed for terror activities are smuggled in or out by the D-Gang.

In the past few years, the same syndicate was used by the ISI to even smuggle in Fake Indian Currency and utilize the funds for terror operations. While during the first few years, the D-Gang was largely involved only in smuggling of weapons, over the past few years, it has been actively contributing to terror funds. While off late the funds generated by the D-Gang is being utilized by the Al-Qaeda too, the worrying fact for India is that the Lashkar is the main gainer for the funds generated by this gang. The IB says that the ISI will primarily focus mainly on India and hence there is a need to check the funds that is being generated by the D-Gang.

The D-gang’s network is strongest in Africa, India and also in the Gulf. His operatives in these countries not only help raise funds, but also smuggle arms apart from help slip in and out terror operatives.

Ilyas Kashmiri: The US has also decided to put this man on a hot pursuit. They believe that this man was behind the bombings that targeted the CIA office. However this man poses an even larger threat to India when compared to the US. The ISI let this man slip out of their hands when after he defied them and decided to fight US troops in Waristan. However there is nothing much that the ISI would do to him since he is slowly shifting focus to India operations and this suits the ISI perfectly. However according to US stratgegic think-tank, Stratfor, there is every chance of some terror groups in Pakistan trying to launch a Mumbai type attack on India so as to escalate tensions between the two countries.

The Indian IB says that Kashmiri would play a very crucial role in such an operation since he was clear that he was not happy with the manner in which India was interfering in Afghanistan. He has taken a back seat from fighting the war against the US and is now positioning his men against India. The Al-Qaeda trust this man and his capabilities and believes that he can train Fidayeens to launch deadly strikes.

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