Friday, January 29, 2010

Bengaluru skies dotted with colourful kites

The Bangalore Palace grounds were a centre for activity a couple of days ago. The maiden kite festival which was held on Republic Day has thousands of people from across the state make a beeline to the Palace Grounds to enjoy the spectacle.

Organised by the Junior Chambers International, this kite festival saw over 300 different kinds of kites. The oganisers said that this was the first time that Bengaluru has hosted such an event and it was a huge success. The proceeds of this festival were donated to an institution that works for the welfare of orphaned children.

There were kites in all shapes and sizes.The clear favourites were the dragon shaped and Charlie Chaplin kites.Teenagers could fly these kites for a fee.There were a large number of children who took part in the festival and even the visiting crowd was dominated by children.

The visitors were awestruck with the beautiful display of the kites and most of them termed the event as an amazing experience.

"It has been a long time since the skies of the city have been lit up with so much colour," a visitor at the Palace grounds, said.

Photograph courtesy: KPN Photos

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